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WE BUY Charles Partridge Adams

ImageWE BUY Charles Partridge Adams

Charles Partridge Adams (1858 - 1942)

Born in Franklin, Massachusetts, Charles Partridge Adams moved with his mother and two sisters to Denver, Colorado, in 1876 in an effort to cure the two girls who suffered from tuberculosis. Adams remained in Denver and after a short stint as an art teacher, he studied wood engraving with Major J.M. Bagley. He quickly abandoned the engraving for health reasons and began working in crayon. His business card read “Landscapes and Crayon Portraits” though he much preferred landscapes. The artist soon made a name for himself in Denver. He established a wealthy clientelle that purchased a number of his paintings to decorate their homes and to give as Christmas gifts. That same year, he exhibited for the first time at the National Academy of Design. Three years later, the artist opened his first studio on Larimer Street in Denver. He began working in watercolor and had success in the new medium selling his paintings in stores in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Kansas City, and Chicago. Also in 1893, Adams became a charter member of the Denver Artists Club. Though Charles Adams is best known for his Colorado landscapes, he also painted in Yellowstone, the Tetons, the Canadian Rockies, the New Mexican Desert, and California.

We Buy Jozef Bakos

ImageWE BUY Jozef Bakos

Jozef Bakos (1891 - 1977)

A significant contributor to modernism in the American Southwest, Jozef Bakos was a member of Los Cinco Pintores, Spanish for Five Painters, the first artist group in New Mexico devoted to modernism and bringing art to the local people. He co-founded the group with Walter Mruk, Willard Nash, Will Shuster and Fremont Ellis in 1921.

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